Joel Vallone of Mission Viejo, CA, Expands Music Program To Include Preschool

Joel Vallone

March 3, 2021

Joel Vallone expands music program to include preschool

Joel Vallone of Mission Viejo, CA, has become increasingly popular with music learners in the area. With experts and flexible schedules, his program aims to teach everyone ranging from young children to adults, the art of music.

Renowned instructor Joel Vallone is capitalizing on his success by opening an onsite program for three and four-year-olds.

While children at Joel Vallone’s program are mainly non-music players, the curriculum will be tailored to fit both beginners and experts. Joel Vallone of Mission Viejo, CA, has already hired an expert staff of early childhood educators, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in classroom management, instruction, and the particular needs of preschool-aged children. Children will enjoy hands-on activities, as well as other types of instruction.

Joel Vallone’s program will cater to Mission Viejo’s diverse population. The school aims to serve families from every socioeconomic and educational background. Classes will be offered for various schedules, so families with any work situations or other obligations will have their children attend. Children with and without disabilities are more than welcome, and the facilities are fully accessible and ADA compliant. Healthy snacks and meals will be offered every day.

Joel Vallone of Mission Viejo has taught music learners of all ages for nearly a decade. Joel has developed a curriculum for several centers, institutions, schools, and programs.

Joel Vallone has helped hundreds of students become music experts as a classroom instructor, online educator, and private tutor. He has given back to the Southern California community in numerous ways, including offering instruction at discounted prices for students in need. Joel Vallone has volunteered for many years in Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

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