Experienced Educator Joel Vallone of Mission Viejo, CA, Says There Needs To Be More Music Classrooms In California

Joel Vallone

March 27, 2021

There Needs To Be More Music Classrooms In California

California does offer students music courses. However, Joel Vallone believes there needs to be more. “We need to have a clearer understanding of the music. We need more education classes in California to help students of all ages understand the art,” says Joel Vallone.


Joel Vallone is a resident of Mission Viejo, CA, and is an experienced music teacher. He has traveled across the United States, teaching music to anyone that needs help. Joel has years of experience in the industry, and he has a unique viewpoint on the educational system.


He has training and knowledge of this system. This enables Joel Vallone to provide insight into areas that need improvement. He affirms, “Music is necessary, it’s for the students,” He continues saying, “It offers students an opportunity to express themselves. This program is essential.”


Joel Vallone of Mission Viejo, CA, says that each course will offer more opportunities for cultural understanding along with learning music. Learning about music always allows students to learn about the different cultures it came from. Learning about music is vital for young students to understand our surroundings better.


“We can do better as a state to help individuals who want to learn music. Adding more education to the program can improve how students and staff view it,” he continues, “There should be plenty of access and options for those who want to learn.”